Collector Appreciation

Jahan rocking his "Harlequin Jewel" Medallion in Amsterdam 2020 @Gunthergrim
“Love the glances (full on stares) I get while rocking my beautiful medallion. It is a statement piece for sure. I also really appreciated how involved Laurene was in including me in the process, tagging me in photos along the various stages of production, even going as far as messaging me when it was delivered! My favorite piece of jewelry for sure!” -Jahan

Alma Har'el with her Honey Boy "Otis Lort" Medallion at a screening of Honey Boy with Damien Chazelle, Byron Bowers, Shia LaBeouf 2019

Noah Jupe and the Honey Boy Fam at Tiff 2019. Noah, Alma, Lucas, Shia, Byron 

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