Marlene Portrait Pendant with Amethyst and Druzy Crystals

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Wear this over your most cozy sweater, or dress it up with a little fancy ensemble. These pendants glitter and catch the light. Be sure to have fun meeting new people with this unexpected conversation piece. Art rules and we all win. 

If thats not sexy enough, Crystals can be seen falling down the middle of your  back, a feature I will always be most proud of. 

I hand make each of these wooden, glittery pendants in my studio over a two-week period. Each piece features a mini version of one of my paintings and are not mass produced.

I handstamp each one on the back so you know it's me who made it and not a robot.

Featuring my painting of Marlene Dietrich from 2012.
Adorned with pretty amethyst druzy crystals. 
Wood and resin mixed media
Fully adjustable up to 19 inches in length (this is a long beautiful necklace)
Use the sliding 14/20 gold bead to adjust the length.
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