Marlene Pendant Necklace - Handmade One of a Kind With Quartz, Garnet, and Amethyst

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Imagine your shopping for beet hummus at the market and some really fantastic person  comes right up to you, grabs your necklace gently and lets you know they love it. This is me. 

Wear your pendant over a favorite cozy sweater,  t-shirt, or dress it up with a fancy little ensemble. They glitter and catch the light. Have fun meeting new people with this unexpected conversation piece. Art rules and we all win. 

If thats not sexy enough, Crystals at the end of the lariat clasp can be seen falling down the middle of your back. 

I hand craft each of these pendants in my studio over a two-week period. They're tedious little monsters, but I love them. Each piece features a mini version of one of my paintings and are not mass produced. It took me two years of experimentions to come up with the design. Wear it with love. 

With Quartz, Garnet, and Amethyst. Quartz is a stone of manifestation and amplifying energy. Garnet is a protective crystal from negative energies while allowing your purpose to appear clearer. Amethyst is a protective stone. It protects the owner from negative thought patterns as well as negative emotions from outside energies.

Each pendant signed with a debossed signature for authenticity. 

Necklace Characteristics:

Sterling Silver &  14K Gold filled beads.

Made using FSC Certified, farmed, sustainable cedar hardwood. 

Lasso is seamlessly made using two gold-filled slider beads that adjust to a maximum of 22 inches.

Please allow up to two weeks for shipping and handling. 

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