Belladonna aka Deadly Nightshade Miniature Collection Necklace with Gold Vermeil and Peridot Chain

$ 125.00

This particular piece features my painting "Belladonna" or "Deadly Nightshade"  inspired by the Aztec Goddess of the Underworld. While alive, she would adorn herself with bones of the dead, and after her passing, it was believed she was the protector of our bones when we die. The Aztecs believed we need our boned to travel into the afterlife. In the painting, she is surrounded with skulls, monarch caterpillars and Deadly Nightshade flowers- that while beautiful, are deadly to humans if ingested and are sure to induce eternal sleep. 

A baroque frame made out of clay, resin, a variety of iridescent glitters, acrylic paint, and gilded in 24 karat gold. The hooks it hangs from are sterling silver and 14 karat gold filled. It is strung on a long 30 inch chain handmade of gold vermeil and genuine peridot gems. Ideal to wear over any outfit you wish to glam up <3 

This is a long necklace that will fit everyone. Do please tag me if you take any photos of yourself wearing it. Commissions are also welcome.

Individually made by hand by me. My signature is hand stamped on the back. 

Comes gift wrapped.   

Thank you!

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