WonderWoman Audrey

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"The time has come for me to put my master-plan into effect!"
For the classy badass. 
This pendant features a 2011 painting I did of Audrey Hepburn. On this particular piece, I have added a quote clipping from a 1975 WonderWoman comic.
Wood encased in resin, gilded in gold with glitter sparkles.
With a lasso style, sliding gold bead clasp, you can wear this necklace at the longest length you like. This is a long necklace that measures 19 inches from the neck down (38 inches total length). Perfect over t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, etc.
I hand stamp the back as a signature of authenticity.
Features 14/20 gold beads and a large 14/20 gold sliding bead.
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