Golden Seashell Talisman Charm Necklace - Scallop Shell Handmade One of a Kind with Red Coral, Smokey Quartz and Onyx

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On a sunny day about three weeks ago, I was in the Southernmost part of Italy at this little beach bar known as Maluha Bay, (Lecce)

I waded into the turquoise waters and sat on the shallow yet far away sandy ocean floor, just sitting. The thrill of exploring the watery sands felt freeing. It was a blissful world. 

I collected some scallop shells.

The scallop shell has forever been a symbol of pilgrimage, or a journey- which is exactly what it took for me to find them that day. They were a symbol for me as to how far my spirit had to go in life the end up at that beach. Walking those waters felt completely reaffirming.

Golden Seashells.

I hand painted a patina, gilded the inside and added pops of yummy turquoise on the edges. 

This talisman necklace is adorned with Red Coral, Smokey Quartz and Onyx crystal drops. Coral is a very passionate stone with a red that will never fade. Its a very strong and calming stone that will help you take control of your emotions. The Smokey Quartz is for protection against negative energies, like a cosmic shield only allowing goodness. Onyx separetes our negative emotions and helps the wearer be resilient during the tougher times in life as well as protects from negative outside energies. 

The neck is adorned with 14k gold filled beads. The opening is 17in. long (Fits all.) 

Only making 10 of these. No two necklaces are alike. 

Please allow up to two weeks for shipping and handling. 

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