Minori Bloom Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print by Laurene Alvarado

$ 75.00

"Minori Bloom" 

Oil on wood panel.

Painted in 2013

This is a one-time run of 50 Signed and Numbered limited edition "Minori Bloom" fine art giclee prints. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. 

Measures at 16x20 inches

Printed on 300 GSM Entrada. Museum Grade. 

All are signed, titled and numbered by Laurene Alvarado. 

Inspired after Minori, a Shironuri Artist from Tokyo, Japan.

She instills beauty into every mystical and enchanting ensemble that she creates. Raised in the country side, she grew up with nature. After having been immersed in the gothic and Lolita fashions, she found herself drawn to the art of the Shironuri Artist. After having tried it, she found a way to truly become the most brilliant version of herself. Through mastered ancient and modern makeup techniques, Minori expressively fuses natural elements like moss and flowers to help create transcending ideas, original costumes of her own design, and a timeless story of a young girl and Mother Nature.

She goes everywhere dressed in Shironuri, on trains, to museums, walking through the vibrant streets of Tokyo. Everywhere.

I visited Tokyo, Japan briefly in December of 2012.  While walking through the animated streets of Harujuku, I learned of their fashions first-hand. Having only ever seeing these kinds of fashions oinline or in a music video, I was left with a new world to explore and become inspired by.

Once returning home, I researched different fashions and came across Minori. That little voice inside me screamed to paint her.

I reached out to her and asked if she’d kindly be a muse. She excitedly and graciously said yes.

In this painting, the spirit of Minori is depicted by a butterfly cascading from the heavens landing on her hand and exploding into a beautiful universe.

She continues to inspire people around the world with her sense of wonder and connectedness to the wonders of this earth.

To learn more about magical Minori please visit these sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minori0000

Website: http://minori.co/

Measures at 11x17 inches with a 1 inch border. 

Printed on 300 GSM Entrada. Museum Grade. 

All are signed, titled and numbered by Laurene Alvarado. 

About the painting: