Hello! Here are a few photos and headshots of myself. Currently SAG 

Eligible. Seeking representation. 

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  • Желание развеяться и обрести наслаждение время от времени появляется у каждого. Люди выбирают различные методы снять напряжение – покупают абонемент в спортклуб, посещают психотерапевта, торопятся на исповедь в храм. Мы предлагаем беспроигрышный шаг – препараты, купленные через интернет.
    Посетите сайт Тут, hydra сайт вы получите расслабление и уход от ежедневных проблем, прекрасные минуты и радужный мир мечтаний.
    Качественные вещества и надежные торговцы обеспечивают каждому целесообразное инвестирование средств и отличный эффект. Не волнуйтесь о своих средствах: деньги не переходят моментально к торговцу, а оседают на спецсчете. И только после момента, как клиент подтвердит получение товара, они переводятся непосредственно отправителю.
    Обилие продукции позволяет выбрать вещество, нужное персонально вам немедленно. В любое время специалист придет на помощь и даст консультацию, посоветует с выбором и предложит разные препараты. В случае возникновения каких-либо недоразумений процесс оценивается администрацией и принимается правильное решение.

    Такие ребята, как Олег разбираются в релаксе и пользуются услугами сайта, выбирают тихий отдых и улучшение настроения. Препараты в магазине удобно сгруппированы по функциям – стимуляторы, психоделики, эйфоретики. Обеспечиваем полную защищенность сайта, ведь на него не зайдешь просто так, нужен специальный браузер ТОР. Возможно, что происходят сбои и магазин не доступен. В этом случае нужно использовать Гидра-зеркало, а еще побеспокойтесь, чтобы нужное вещество постоянно было под рукой, закупайте его заблаговременно.

    Благодаря нашей помощи вы обретете качественные товары и сможете написать к нам еще неоднократно. Отправка производится безопасными способами, которые проверены сотни раз. Каждый торговец сделал 1000-чи сделок без накладок и недоразумений. Вы можете нам абсолютно доверять и осуществлять покупки в любое время.
    На нашем веб-сайте вы увидите ответы на часто спрашиваемые темы. Мы заботимся о комфорте клиентов, разработана легкая регистрация и простая навигация.
    А вы желаете так, как Олег? Посетите наш портал и приобретите расслабление и наслаждение, возвратите радость жизни.

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  • Thousands chase glory at the fringe of a presidential election in Argentina, which sees the most popular candidate of the Socialists, Mauricio Macri, winning the presidency in the largest defeat to the centre-right ever inflicted on an incumbent.

    The victory by Macri, a former military general who ran on an anti-austerity platform, means a second term for the leftwing president who was elected in 2010 when Argentina’s economy was in recession. His victory leaves the Socialist Party facing an election campaign of its own and is seen as the party’s last remaining chance of surviving elections in a country gripped by political crisis for the second time.

    The party leader, Mauricio Macri, leads a small majority against a strong conservative opposition led by the ruling coalition with the People’s Party, which is backed by the US.

    Maduro said he understood the anxiety gripping voters and insisted he would be a great friend to their country. He pointed to the huge majority he had among the elderly, the poor and young in rural areas and the “unusual sense of community” that had spread among the youth.

    “The great majority of citizens want us to carry on our work in this country, and they want me to be there as their president for a very long time,” Maduro said.

    “It is their country and they expect me to do my job to the best of my ability.”

    Macri, a former army general, vowed to “continue the struggle with the same determination, resolve and the support of the people”.

    Macri’s victory marks a dramatic escalation in economic difficulties in Argentina, where inflation has soared to an all-time high of 100% while unemployment has reached a record of over 50%.

    The president has promised to close the gap and cut government spending but critics say the pace of economic reforms, which have been plagued by corruption scandals, is uneven.

    More than 4m Argentines were unemployed in April last year, nearly half of them young people, according to official figures.

    Maduro, 70, whose popularity has plunged this year due to a series of economic crises, was unable to win a second term after winning just 18.9% of the vote in 2010.

    His main challenger, former finance minister Jorge Mario Bergoglio, ended a 15-year political career to be elected.

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  • Needle stick" or an unlicensed “stipend” or another monetary reward for the successful completion of the task.

    But the best thing about our new system is that it allows for real action. By offering this new type of prize, we provide an incentive for participation in an ongoing and exciting project. No one knows how many people are reading or watching the site every day, and most are interested in having the opportunity to know what the project is about. By helping everyone participate in building this project, we can create an ongoing and exciting experience.

    What Can I Do with This Project?

    Here’s a taste of some of the cool stuff you can create:

    Our web store is now accepting submissions of free products!

    More creative themes for the site can be found in our design contest

    To submit a site, send us your idea on Facebook or Twitter, and make sure to include a link back to our website.

    Get Involved!

    Have a question? If you are not comfortable asking someone else what they need to know, we strongly encourage you to get on the email list, sign-up for our mailing list, and start visiting our website. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your idea, or point you in the right direction in our ongoing project design process.

    If you are new to the idea, I’m ready to answer all your questions in this blog post. If you are already an experienced graphic designer, you can visit our website’s “How to apply” page to sign-up for our weekly design lessons. If you are really serious about making something awesome with your own ideas, you can learn more about how to make your own content on our “Content Creation” page.

    If you are a seasoned graphic designer, feel free to browse our portfolio. There are several interesting graphic design projects on there that we have implemented, like our new game, The Trench, which was produced in a series of five illustrations with only our graphics and an empty canvas. There are also some fun games that you can make and share that were recently featured on a magazine. Feel free to send us your idea, or any other good ideas you find on our website. If you enjoy what you do, feel free to follow us on Twitter (@GDC_Live), Facebook (GDC Live), or blog over at to stay up-to-date with new work!

    About the Graphic Designer in me.

    Jorg anson speaks to pacific beat reporter and member of the Pacific Beat editorial board Mark Hennick

    It was just the second time a game involving two professional hockey players, the Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers, has come to a close at the All-Star Game. The first time, in 2007, the Bruins beat the Oilers 3-2 in overtime for the title. This time, Boston led 3-2, when a late goal from Patrice Bergeron put the game away with 7:02 left in regulation and clinched the Stanley Cup.

    No one knows the exact game-ending goal line, and the players will try to keep any drama out of the game.

    The winner of the game will advance to the 2012 All-Star Game, which will be played Jan. 1-7 at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

    Devin Shore of the Los Angeles Kings.

    The All-Star Game is the first time the teams have come to Dallas since the 1993-94 season when the NHL relocated to Dallas and the NHL-TV broadcast rights were sold to CBS Sports Network in 2008.

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